Welcome to Owlet, where innovation meets impact in the digital realm!

As trailblazers in the industry, we specialize in the art of Social Media Magic (SMM) and SEO excellence through our cutting-edge Owlet SMM platform. Immerse yourself in the world of dynamic e-commerce marketplace with Quickshop and Strix, and enjoy seamless transactions with our versatile payment solution, Owletpay. Discover a wealth of skills on our thriving marketplace, Puffer, and witness financial dreams come to life with ChequeMate.

At Owlet, our mission is to empower individuals and businesses, acting as the catalyst that bridges the gap between ambition and achievement with solutions and products tailored to make things run smoothly.


Rise above the flock with Owlet

Owlet aims to offer top-notch social media growth services, connecting people, businesses, and brands organically and innovatively. Our goal is a motivated team embracing technology for excellence.

Striving to become a leading, technology-driven, eco-friendly institution. Committed to excellence, innovation, and personalized service and aiming to become the world's commerce center.


The fundamental principles guiding us

Meticulous Client Focus

We prioritize our clients' needs by paying meticulous attention to detail, ensuring tailored and effective solutions.

Sense of Urgency

Operating with a keen sense of urgency, we deliver swift responses and actions, meeting our clients' immediate needs promptly.

Steadfast Commitment

We're unwavering in our dedication to building sustainable tech solutions, upholding transparency, reliability, and excellence in all endeavors.


Meet our team of experts

Precious Samuel

Chief Operating Officer (COO)

Ugwuja Sunita

Chief Financial Officer (CFO)

Kolade Adewumi

PR / Media Manager

Semiloore Akoni

Chief Product Officer

Irabor Osasumwen

Lead Graphics Designer

Ebere Akpuche

Owletonline Manager

Ololade Nifemi

Strix General Manager

Daches Dachung

Flyt Manager

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